Continuity of Learning (COVID – 2020-2022)


During COVID, the amazing staff at Q'shintul/MBNS designed and co-created this resource for home learning rooted in our Field Guide.

Welcome – Mi’ nuw ‘ilum – to our Continuity of Learning page.  This is where you will find resources to support your child’s learning should we be required to have a functional shutdown.  

These learning opportunities, these provocations, are rooted in the B.C. Curriculum and the philosophy/pedagogy of Q’shintul/Mill Bay Nature School, and so will be familiar to your child(ren).  Please remember that play is a child’s work, and learning requires struggle – it just does – and so we encourage a playful attitude when tackling these challenges with your child(ren).

​The B.C. Curriculum, rooted in decades of deep, thoughtful research using technology that now allows researchers to see into the brain as it learns, is very clear – learning is about process and not product.  In other words, the way in which your child(ren) struggle through problems is significantly more important than a finished product. For example: learning how to make sense of text – to struggle and make mistakes and try again and learn a new sound or word and rest and repeat matters more than memorizing text or being overly helped/scaffolded (which sounds like you’re more developed than you are).  Another example: playing a board game with all the accompanying conflict and difficulties and struggles and frustrations – which you take the time to work through – is the learning – not the winning of the game itself.