Article in The Discourse – “Small School. Big Impact”


"When Coast Salish visual artist and filmmaker Arianna Augustine first connected with students and staff at Mill Bay Nature School, she noticed that something special was happening there. “What is really happening is they’re going back,” Augustine says. “They’re listening to the knowledge from Elders and going back to a much more traditional way of teaching and learning that has been happening for millennia in Indigenous communities and with Hul’q’uminum people.” Part of the Cowichan Valley School District, the public school has been around since 2018 and is open to all children in the region. The school also carries the name Q’shintul, a Hul’q’uminum word gifted by an Elder-In-Residence, which means to walk together." Read more (below)

Small school, big impact: A story of 10,000 Gifts