Reflections on our First Year


"Here I am. Please tell my story. Here is my story; please listen." (Susan Orlean) As our first year of enactment was winding down (in as much as it wound down), I knew that we needed to tell stories that mattered - appreciative in nature - "What has gone well ?" - as well as those that were complicating - thinking out loud and offering those stories too to the community so we can continue to grow and change - as individuals, as a community - as we Q'shintul - walk together. And so I chose to focus on our Field Guide and asked parents and staff a variety of questions related to each aspect of our philosophy - the humus in which we are planted - using Survey Monkey as the format (as it provided a manageable data platform for a tired Head Learner's brain). The results were varied and rich - in narrative powers, in affirmation, in concerns, in possibilities. I am so grateful for those who took the time to respond. To have documentation of our first year of enactment is something to be cherished. (The reflection on our second year - 2019-2020 - is in process. It was interrupted by COVID complications. Please be patient.)

MBNS field guide & reflections (polished for copying)