Registration for Fall 2023


As a school of choice in the Cowichan Valley, we have children and families from all over. We have gradually increased year by year - beginning (2018) with 75 children ages 4-8 (K-3) and now looking forward to over 200 children and youth ages 4-14 come fall 2024.

details regarding registration:

  • Our introductory year (Kindergarten) usually has far more registrants than spots available so there is a lottery (late January) and then a wait list.
  • Beyond Kindergarten we are usually able to receive a few new students sprinkled throughout our Clans; others must patiently wait.
  • Our adolescent Clan – Qwiqwul tst tse – “Let’s Talk” – ages 10-14 (grades 6-9) – will also be accepting about 27 youth (after a reciprocal interview process whereby everyone’s expectations and dreams are explored).  This is our inaugural year (2022/2023) so any participants will also become co-creators of this land-based, Hulq’umi’num’ immersed learning opportunity rooted in heart, mind, soul and body with the B.C. Curriculum as our guide.

guiding principles:

  • those families with Indigenous ancestry are immediately given a spot throughout the year.  This is one of our responses to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • families that are committed to the philosophy and pedagogy of the Field Guide and are willing to Q’shintul – walk together – with the school community – even when it’s difficult – will also be given preference.

Please contact Tanya  (our intrepid secretary (nurse, counsellor, detective, keeper of all things special, stuffy sitter, etc.)  for more information about registering for Fall 2023