Registration for Fall 2024


As a school of choice in the Cowichan Valley, we have children and families from all over. We have gradually increased year by year - beginning (2018) with 75 children ages 4-8 (K-3) and now are a full K-7 school.

Some thoughts and questions to reflect on before registering your child for a nature-based program:

  •  Is your child willing to solve problems with support?
  •  Is your family committed to ‘Q’shintul-ing’ (walking together) with us through sharing your time, your gifts, etc.?
  •  Is your child able to sustain attention outdoors to learning for prolonged periods of the day in all weather?
  •  Is your child able to stay with a group, safely and in a variety of settings?
  •  Will your child consent to taking support from a variety of adults?

Registration for 2024:

Guiding principles:

  • Families with Indigenous ancestry are immediately given a spot throughout the year.  This is one of our responses to the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
  • Families that are committed to the philosophy and pedagogy of the Field Guide and are willing to Q’shintul – walk together, are an important element to the success of our program.

 Please contact Ann-Marie, our amazing secretary,  for more information about registering for Fall 2024.