Witnessing & Communicating Learning


We are creating a culture that is rooted in First People's Principles of Learning - ancient practices that have served human development and flourishing for thousands of years before colonization & subsequent standardization. Adults and children at MBNS are cultivating the discipline of witnessing - "Being called to witness by the Hulquiminum People is an honour, a tradition dating back long before contact with European cultures. Hulquiminum Peoples’ history is an oral history. The role of a witness is to record the message of the event in their hearts and minds, and afterward, remember and validate the special occasion by carrying the message and sharing it with friends, neighbors and community members" (Vancouver Olympic Committee, 2009).

In this tab you will find examples, tools, and images that reflect the logic behind our assessment practices at MBNS – a movement from judgement and performance to descriptive feedback about visible growth that is emerging from the child in their everyday living of the B.C. Curriculum.