Wondering about how to help you and your child see the learning that takes place in hands-on, experiential experiences?


As educators, we have had years to interrogate our own beliefs about education systems and structures and have chosen to be a part of this community to help envision and enact something different. If you are struggling with tensions around what education and learning “should” look like during this time at home with your child(ren), please know that we have too and continue to learn to be able to see, name, extend, and create learning opportunities as children unveil their interests, inquiries, and passions! Rest assured, there are rich learning opportunities happening everyday for your child(ren)! It can be hard to see and name all the curricular connections in daily experiences, so I’d love to help… please send me your photos with a short explanation or better yet, videos, and I’ll feature them here to give other families inspiration and reassurance their children are learning the BC Curriculum!

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