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Experiential / Inquiry learning

We highly value Inquiry based and experiential learning processes here at Mill Bay Nature.

Inquiry-based learning encourages students to think critically by asking key questions about the topic they are presented with, gathering the information they need to make informed decisions and coming up with a solution or finding that they have explored. Teachers guide students with careful thought and intention through the inquiry process, allowing students to be involved with every step of their learning journey.

Experiential and Inquiry based learning is a form of learning through doing and then reflecting on the experience. We weave the two together to form deep rooted, meaningful connections and understandings for our students learning experience.

This visual poster is a great snapshot of how we use the inquiry process with our older students to guide and teach the inquiry process. It allows students to check where they are in the process and is a conversation point for teachers and students to use as they move through the inquiry project they are working on.